Cabals of Detroit

The cabals of Detroit are numerous and their politics are complex, but below can be found a brief overview of each of the known cabals that claim membership in the Consilium and are recognized by the Council.

The 47th Degree
47th Degree
A Guardian cabal, the 47th Degree is a small group of mages known to control the Masonic Order in Detroit. They are a secretive group that only rarely attend Consilum gatherings, and even the Temple Inquisitor, the Mastigos representative on the council, seems reluctant to participate in such politics. He is often himself absent from important council meetings, and it is widely rumored that he was only given a position on the council to maintain the secrecy of another member of the Suits and Masks.

The Alabaster Shield
Alabaster Shield
The magical police of the city, this cabal of mostly Guardians has been tasked with being the soft enforcers of the Council’s will. Its members are drawn from law-enforcement and legal backgrounds and have many contacts and allies within the city’s failing police force.

City Planning
City Planning
Silver Ladder cable with fingers in many aspects of the city’s mortal politics. Works to conceal supernatural occurrences while aiding the Consilium’s goals in the city.
Like the Rust Walkers, they believe that the city holds secrets in its decay and the movements of its sleeper population. Where the Rust Walkers are content to observe however, City Planning attempt to manipulate such changes to their own ends.

The Discerning Collectors’ Club
Discerning Collectors’ Club
Mysterium cable dedicated to collecting and cataloging supernatural artifacts from across the the globe. Apparently based in Detroit, the travels internationally for their goals, but it is rumored that they have a much larger Sanctum hidden somewhere else that holds the lions-share of their findings.

The Daedalus Elect
Daedalus Elect
Cabal formed around a single found sanctum with the goal of turning it into a sharing-house of enchanted items for the city’s Free-Council. They are among the larger and more diverse of the city’s cabals, which has lead to the local orders treating them as relatively safe middle-men for transactions.

The Faithful of Ithaca
Faithful of Ithaca
Byblos, the Acanthus representative on the council, is this small cabal’s powerful leader. The three members, all Acanthus members of the House of Ariadne legacy are known to house a stockpile of lore on Detroit stretching back well over a century. What is actually contained within is only known to the members and to the Suits and Masks, who forced Byblos to open the library to them upon their rise to power.
The Faithful have not forgotten that slight, and Byblos is known to be a sympathetic ally for those who wind up on the wrong side of the Guardians in the city.

The Harmony Club
Harmony Club
Silver-Ladder cabal that controls the Harmonie Club in Detroit as well as a handful of local cult-like churches and self-help groups. The members are a group of mages fascinated by psychology, both internally and externally – they often tamper with group dynamics and attempt to positively engineer communities through crowd mentality.

The Lakeshore Huntsmen
Lakeshore Huntsmen
Mixed Adamantine Arrow and Guardians of the Veil cable focused on hunting and suppressing rogue supernatural forces in the city, fiercely combative with a high turnover rate of new members. They can be seen as the city’s Garrison, placed there by the Adamantine Arrow as a precaution against whatever rests beneath the salt-beds of the city.
Each member has a designated role in the hunt that their shadow names are defined by. Though not necessarily individually powerful mages, the Huntsmen make up for that with skill and coordination that rivals most trained militaries.

Phoenix Group LTD
Phoenix Group
Despite the reputation of Moros as necromancers, Kalvis is the Moros Master on the council – a smith and an engineer with a strong distaste for the less savory practices of the Death Arcana. Two Free Council members make up the remainder of this small cabal, giving him a deeper sympathy for their cause than many other Mystagouges. The cabal itself sees its task as exploring combined technological and supernal means of combating the Lie.

The Rust Walkers
Rust Walkers
Mixed-order urban survivalists and explorers who seek to explore and exploit the secrets of the city. They believe that there are secrets to be found in the very cycles of decay and rebirth that the city experiences.

The Suits and Masks
Suits and Masks
Both the most powerful and feared of the Consilium cabals in Detroit, every member of the Suits and Masks belong to the Guardians of the Veil. Aside from the cabal’s leader, Enula, the Hierarch of the city and Thyrsus representative on the council, every member of the group wears an identical grey pinstripe suit with maroon tie, old Victorian-style cloaks, and concealing full-face masks.
The Suits and Masks are the Council’s fist. Where other cabals are occasionally tasked with enforcing the council’s will, the Suits and Masks step in when it is clear that the Veil is in clear danger of being broken.

The Company
The Company
A universally loathed free-council cabal of miscreants and criminals with the goal of controlling Michigan’s drug trade. There are regular rumors about the members’ potential left-handedness, but it seems for the most part that the other mages of the Consilium are simply looking for an excuse to evict this greasy band of ne’er-do-wells.

Cabals of Detroit

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