House Rule: Organizations as Entities

Rank: 1 – 10
All Traits and Assets are capped by Rank





Size (● – ●●●●●)

0 – Neighborhood=
1 – City
2 – State
3 – Nation
4 – Culture
5 – Global

Note: Organizations attempting to act on a scale greater than their size take a penalty equal to the size required by the action.
Ex: F.E.A.R. Co. is a National Organization (Size 3) native to the United States, but needs to take action in Asia, which requires Size 5, thereby taking a -5 penalty to all actions in that zone of operations.


Security (● – ●●●●● ●●●●●)

Specialists (● – ●●●●● ●●●●●)

Resources (● – ●●●●● ●●●●●)

Staff (● – ●●●●● ●●●●●)

Member Benefits (● – ●●●●● ●●●●●)

*_Special:_ Any dots over 5 become available automatically to any Agents of the organization in the field.
Ex: F.E.A.R. Co. has Resources ●●●●● ●, Security ●●●●● ●●, and Staff ●●●. Any Agent of the organization gains Resources ● and Safe Place ●● for free in addition to their normal starting dots and experience, but does not gain any dots in Staff because the Organization does not have more than 5 dots in Staff.


Exposure Risk: Rolled at the end of each chapter

Base: 0

-3: Action successfully framed as originating from another Organization
-1: Organization had a convincing cover for the action
-1: Action accomplished in a particularly subtle way
- Varies: Organization deployed Assets at a lower level than it could have, taking a penalty to all Assets equal to Risk Penalty
+ Varies: Action gained the direct attentions of an opposing Organization (Bonus = Organization Rank)
+1: Illegal Action
+1: Retrying a previously failed Action
+1: Organization deployed supernatural Assets
+2: Action is inherently supernatural
+2: Action involved a Major Template
+3: Action goes against the normal goals or functions of the Organization
+5: Action involved direct intervention by the Organization’s Patron

Degree of Exposure:

0: Unknown: The organization is a subtle and unnoticed player in world events
2: Rumored: Conspiracies begin forming around the Organization’s Actions, gain Notorious
4: Annoyance: Actively opposed by another Major Power of equivalent Rank, gain Surveilled
6: Threatened: Actively opposed by another Major Power of greater Rank, gain Opposed
8: Pursued: Patron is exposed as controlling force behind the Organization, gain Infiltrated
10+: Hunted: Direct action is taken against the Patron and to destroy the Organization, gain Hunted

Each Chapter, the Organization’s Degree of Exposure becomes a pool of floating Penalty Dice to be distributed by the Storyteller against actions taken by the Organization or its Agents.
Alternatively, Degree of Exposure can be used to cancel Agent Social Merits for a Chapter on a one-for-one basis.

Reducing Exposure:

Exposure may be reduced in any of three ways, at the end of any Chapter. These methods may be combined and distributed in any order:

Consolidation: The Organization loses 1 Rank for each Degree of Exposure reduced in this way
Disinformation: The Organization loses 1 Integrity for each Degree of Exposure reduced in this way
Experience: The Organization loses (2 x Dot Rating) Experience per dot reduced in this way

Ex: F.E.A.R. Co. is a Rank 5, organization with 6 Integrity and 8 Degrees of Exposure. At the end of the Chapter, it reduced its Rank and Integrity by 1 each, bringing Rank to 4, Integrity to 5, and Degree of Exposure to 6. At this point, the Organization spends 22 ((6 × 2) + (5 × 2)) Experience to reduce the Degree of Exposure to a more manageable 4.

Integrity (1-10, base 7)

Uses standard CofD rules for Integrity, but with modified breaking points:

Roll: Rank + Integrity
Breaking Points:
-0: Failure of an Action
-2: Taking an Action against the motives of the Organization
-3: Death of an Agent of the Organization
-4: Betrayal by an Agent of the Organization
-5: Death of Organization leadership

House Rule: Organizations as Entities

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