Organizational Conditions

The following conditions affect every Agent in the Organization, but can only be Resolved by the Organization itself.

Notorious (Organizational Condition)
The organization has acquired a reputation as a result of past actions. Rumors of its membership and activities have spread widely enough to begin to be a security threat.
Effect: Agents of the organization suffer a -1 penalty to any roll to conceal their association with the Organization.
Organizational Beat: Any time an Agent is outed as a member of the Organization, they gain an Experience and the Flagged Condition

Surveilled (Organizational Condition)
An opposing force has begun to actively investigate the workings of the Organization.
Effect: At the beginning of each Chapter the storyteller rolls a dice pool equal to the Organization’s current Degree of Exposure. Each success applies the Flagged condition to an Agent in the field for the duration of the chapter. On an exceptional success, all Flagged Agents gain the Blown Condition.
Organizational Beat: Any time an Agent fails a task because of known affiliation with the Organization, they gain an Experience.

Opposed (Organizational Condition)
More powerful forces have arrayed to thwart the goals of the Organization, which is at this point well known in some circles.
Effect: Each Chapter, the Organization’s Degree of Exposure becomes a pool of floating Penalty Dice to be distributed by the Storyteller against actions taken by the Organization or its Agents.
Alternatively, Degree of Exposure can be used to cancel Agent Social Merits for a Chapter on a one-for-one basis.
Organizational Beat: Any time an Agent fails a roll which was affected by the Opposed Condition, they gain an Experience.

Infiltrated (Organizational Condition)
Agents have been compromised and the organization teeters on the brink of collapse.
Effect: At the beginning of each Story, an Agent is selected as a traitor to the Organization, they gain an additional secret Aspiration to thwart the Organization’s goal within the Story.
Organizational Beat: Any time an Agent fails as the result of intervention by the Traitor, both Agents gain an Experience.

Hunted (Organizational Condition)
All Agents have been exposed, the inner workings of the Organization are well-known, and an opposing force moves actively to erase the Organization from existence by means both overt and covert.
Effect: Agents in the field lose all access to benefits granted by the Organization. Additionally each Agent in the field is hunted by a group chosen by the storyteller from the following options:

  • One greater hunter (Stats equivalent to a 7+ dot Retainer, or a Rank 4-5 Spirit)
  • 3-5 Lesser Hunters (Stats equivalent to 4-6 dot Retainers, or Rank 2-3 Spirits)
  • 10-15 Least Hunters (Stats equivalent to 3 dot Retainers)

Each Hunter knows the current location and identity of the Agent at the beginning of the Chapter, as well as likely associates and safe houses.
Organizational Beat: If an Agent kills their pursuers or permanently loses them (at Storyteller’s discretion), they gain an Experience.


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