Anarchist's Friend



This simple lead pipe saw its first use as a weapon of anarchy in during the Detroit Race Riots. What began as racially motivated indignation spilled over into almost indiscriminate destruction, during which this pipe was used by many different hands to tear at the foundations of what was seen as a corrupt society. Breaking everything from shop windows, to cars, to bones, wielders of the Anarchist’s Friend found it supernaturally suited to this task.
Since then, it has stayed in active use, passed down from each owner to the next with a fetishistic reverence. Past wielders speak of lucky escapes and violent actions, making it out of burning buildings barely singed, or shattering break-proof glass to get away from the police just in time.
It has seen its share of time in the courtroom as well, used as evidence in numerous cases; though no connection between its appearances there has ever been drawn. Inevitably it finds its way back on the streets again, and into the hands of someone who will use it for its purpose.

A plain lead pipe, bent and twisted by decades of being beaten back into a serviceable shape. At some point a hole was drilled into its base and used as an anchor for a frayed rope to bind it to it’s wielder’s wrist. Since then, many users have done the same, creating a tassel of tattered ropes and lanyards of different colors and sizes.

The Anarchist’s friend is an improvised weapon with the following statistics:
Damage: 2 (B)
Strength: 2
Weaponry rolls suffer a -1 due to its improved nature; however, by spending 1 point of Willpower, using the pipe for Strength + Athletics rolls to break objects gain a +3 bonus and ignore object Durability, dealing damage directly to structure. Lastly during any scene in which the character used the Anarchist’s Friend to destroy an object worth more than his current Resource dots, the character suffers reduced damage from fire. So long as he holds the weapon for the scene, any fire damage taken is reduced from Lethal to Bashing.


Anarchist's Friend

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