Tie Cotton "Maya"


Quote: “They say humans utilize only 10% of their mind’s true potential. The real story is we just use 10% at any given time. Now think about what we can accomplish if we can just get at that other 90% all at the same time.”

Description: Maya is a handsome man with dreadlocks that reach past his waist. His body shows signs of extensive body-modification work: scarification, symbolic tattoos, subcutaneous implants and permanent jewelry.
His nimbus is a heightened sense of energy in his general area, which fades quickly after he departs.

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Death 3, Life 3, Spirit 4


Background: Some the╠üarchs believe it is humanity’s supernatural destiny to Awaken and shake off the shackles of the Lie. The Transhumanist believed humanity’s destiny lay beyond its current state long before he Awakened, and he experimented extensively with herbs, chemicals, body modification and altered states of consciousness in order to attempt to achieve it. An avid proponent of the Transhuman movement, he now sees Awakening as the missing key to unlock the puzzle of humanity’s post-human destiny.
He chose his shadow name not for the association with a dead South American civilization, but because it is the sanskrit term for “illusion” or “delusion.”

Storytelling Hints: Maya has always sought answers that seemed to lie just beyond his grasp. Now he has the ability to gather the wisdom of those who have gone before him, a source that has become an obsession. He knows somewhere in the secrets lost in the past lies the one that will allow all Sleepers to Awaken with ease. It is just a matter of finding the right combination of substances and procedures to do so. To this end, he has dedicated himself to interviewing dead Awakened souls in hopes that somewhere in the course of his research he will discover the key components that will ease future generations into Awakening (and attaining their post-human potential).

Tie Cotton "Maya"

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