The Gardener


Demonic Form:


Blade Hand
Angels designed for warfare and killing people are often equipped with blades or other melee weapons. Instead of having to re-equip lost pieces, the weapons are forged into the flesh of the angel, preventing loss or theft of the weapon and allowing for nothing more than routine maintenance to keep them well honed. Martial demons often keep or pick up this form ability to ensure that they are always armed in any situation.
Appearance: A large weapon grows from one of the demon’s hands, taking whatever shape the demon wishes. It could be as archaic as a long sword or as modern as a collapsible steel baton and is part of the demon’s body.
System: The demon can summon the weapon to replace his hand or dismiss the weapon as a reflexive action. While using the weapon, he cannot be disarmed without removing the limb.
The weapon has a rating of 4L and gives a –3 penalty to the demon’s Initiative. The demon can utilize any Fighting Merits he may have that would normally apply to such a weapon, such as Armed Defense or Heavy Weapons.

Inhuman Reflexes
Angels required to hunt, stalk, abduct, or kill people are enhanced with supernatural reflexes. These angels understand the concept of precision and skill and prefer this to the use of brute force. Demons who prefer precision and speed tend to keep or adapt this ability.
Appearance: The demon is lean and wiry. His joints may be well-oiled mechanical hinges and gears, or he may have pistons driving his muscle’s movements.
System: The demon’s speed and mobility increase. Gain a +2 bonus to all Dexterity rolls.

Tough as Stone
Some Infrastructure is so vital that it requires constant guardianship. Angels designed for these tasks are statues, set in a place and left to guard the area without drawing any attention. They are made of marble and come to life to defend the Infrastructure whenever it is threatened. Demons who are better at taking a hit than avoiding one often adopt this form ability.
Appearance: The demon’s surface turns hard and impenetrable. The skin is comprised of granite or marble.
System: The demon can spend one Aether to convert all damage from a single attack from Aggravated to Lethal or from Lethal to Bashing. Once the damage has been downgraded
once, it cannot be downgraded again; Aggravated damage can never become Bashing damage through the use of this power.
The demon can spend multiple Aether this way to downgrade damage from multiple attacks in a round.

Mental Resistance
Some missions require an angel to interact with other supernatural creatures. These angels are forged with natural defenses to mental effects in order to prevent the angels from being subverted or stolen. A demon that deals with mental stress on a regular basis might adopt this ability.
Appearance: The demon’s surface turns a faint blue color and is icy cold to the touch.
System: The demon is capable of resisting supernatural influence. When rolling to resist a supernatural power, add +2 dice to the roll.

Environmental Resistance
Angels are often on missions that require them to interact with the raw elements. A mission may require a trip to the core of the Earth or to Antarctica to install necessary pieces of Infrastructure. These angels are fortified with an outer layer that protects them from the ravages of these elements. Demons adapt this ability to protect themselves from the elements.
Appearance: The demon’s surface is covered in a thin coating that changes to match his environment, always providing protection. This coating often looks a bit like Teflon.
System: The demon is immune to any adverse effects from all Environmental Tilts.

Fire Resistance
Not all angels are created to fulfill missions on Earth’s surface. Some are required to do work in or around its core. These angels are resistant to heat and fire, allowing them to work without fear of injury. Guardians especially adapt this form ability to prevent damage in an explosion, or while moving through a burning building.
Appearance: The demon’s surface shows signs of his supernatural resistance. His skin may be dark and hard with red showing beneath, like lava stone, or it may be made of a heat resistant metal such as tungsten or rhenium.
System: The demon is completely immune to the effects of high temperatures and fire. He does not take damage from fire, and does not suffer from heat related Environmental Tilts.

An angel that is required to travel to many different locations in order to perform its mission is built to move quickly and with the least amount of effort. Demons find the ability to teleport from one location to another to be convenient both for transportation and to escape predators.
Appearance: The demon has a fine tracery of veins all along his body that react when he activates the teleport. They may glow with color, or shift and move about his body in preparation for the move.
System: As a reflexive action on his turn, the demon can spend one Aether to teleport to any place within his line of sight. The demon can only teleport himself and any small items he is carrying with him. He cannot carry anyone with him when he teleports.

Cavernous Maw
Sometimes the God-Machine wants humans dead. Usually this just includes letting them die in some accident, or killing them quickly to further some other plan. But every now and then the death itself is the plan. Sometimes the God-Machine must consume a human, maybe to lubricate a gear or increase output for a particular piece of Infrastructure. Either way, the God-Machine must send an angel to eat the person. It isn’t just enough to kill and eat them though, they must kill them in the process of eating them, chomping down on their screaming bodies. Demons with this form ability are more than happy to turn their vicious bite against agents of the God-Machine.
Appearance: The demon’s mouth thins and stretches to open from ear to ear. When she opens her mouth, the jaws unhinge allowing maximal opening capacity. The inside is lined with concentric rows of razor sharp steel teeth.
System: The demon can eat almost anything as long as she can get her mouth on it. For larger objects, she can take bites dealing 2 Structure Damage until the item or building is completely destroyed. If the bite is turned onto a fleshy creature, it works as a weapon with a rating of 2A.

The Gardener

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