Tayron Tomas "B-Boy"


Quote: “This one’s for all my sleepin’ homies out there, those to whom life just ain’t never been fair!”

Description: From his orange doo-rag to his bright red pumps and hanging pants, B-Boy dresses in immaculate street fashion. His superb luck, helped along by fate magic, means he never wants for cash and always wears the newest, hippest styles. He keeps his head shaved close to the scalp, with a glittering silver stud in his left ear as his only jewelry. Though he could certainly afford more, he doesn’t feel comfortable flaunting his wealth without an easy way to explain it away – knowing full well that the authorities would suspect drug ties.
Though he can often seem to not take things seriously, he’s no fool, and the tell-tale bulge of a pistol can be seen somewhere on his person no matter what he’s wearing.

Dedicated Magical Tool: A triangular silver shard of the first CD he made, wielded as a wand.
Real Name: Tayron Tomas
Order: Free Council
Path: Acanthus
Legacy: Skalds
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Mental Skills: Crafts (Sound Engineer) 2, Medicine (Street Drugs) 2, Science (Chemistry) 1
Physical Skills: Athletics 2 (Dancing * ), Brawl 3 (Street-fighting), Firearms 2, Larceny 2
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Expression (DJ, Rapping) 4, Persuasion 1, Socialize 2, Streetwise 3
Merits: Barfly; Contacts 1 – Rappers, Street Gangs; Fame 1; High Speech; Inspiring; Interdisciplinary Specialty – Dancing; Mentor 3 – Freeman; Resources 3; Skald Kant; Status (Free Council) 1; Striking Looks 2
Willpower: 5
Wisdom: 7
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Envy
Initiative: 6
Defense: 3
Speed: 9
Health: 7
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Fate 3, Mind 3, Space 1, Spirit 2, Time 1
Rotes: Fate – The Perfect Moment (2); Mind – Third Eye (1), First Impressions (2), Incognito Presence (2); Life – Cleanse the Body (1)
Legacy Attainment: 1st – World in a Grain of Sand
Mana/per turn: 12/3
Armor: 3 (“Misperception,” Mind )

  • Freeman, a member of the City Planning cabal is B-Boy’s mentor and fellow Skald.
  • B-Boy may make a Presence + Expression (5 Dice) roll to grant the Inspired Condition. Which lowers the threshold for an exceptional success from 5 to 3, and awards a willpower point when resolved.

Merit: Skald Cant ()*
Prerequisites: Skald Legacy, Composure 2, Expression 2
Effect: Your character knows the secret language of the Skalds; he can use it to communicate privately with other Skalds and prove his membership in the Legacy, if necessary. Though an eavesdropper who tries to piece the language together might be able to decipher some of a conversation held in the Skald cant, each word is so laden with meaning that only a prodigious feat by a master linguist could completely translate a phrase or text.
The language also serves as an effective memory aid. By spending a turn to concentrate, the Skald can perfectly remember the events of a single scene or the information (usually a song or epic) that he spends up to a day memorizing. After that, when calm, the character may recall those events perfectly without any dice roll, and the player may ask the Storyteller to fill in details he might have forgotten. This Merit gives no aid during stressful situations, like combat; trying to remember details then requires an Intelligence + Composure roll, just as normal.
Additionally, this language is somewhat pleasing to spirits, whether because of its rhythm or its origins. At the Storyteller’s discretion, using Skald Cant to deal with spirits can offer a +1 dice bonus when applying Social Skills to spirits, including rotes that use those Skills.

1st Attainment – Soothe the Beast
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Mind 2, Expression 2
The Skald’s mission is to see the world through unclouded eyes and record it. Yet they also charge themselves with improving a society, a kingdom, or a concilium, by reminding those who live in it of what is right. The Skalds’ airs and epics move and inspire, and it is with this gentle lever that the Legacy tries to move the world.
Though most Skalds are perceptive, as skilled at untangling the webs of influence in a Consilium as they are at recognizing individuals’ moods and desires, natural skill is not always enough. A Skald with the first Attainment has the ability to read the tenor of an audience. This effect is similar to the Mind 1 “Aura Perception” spell, except that Soothe the Beast reveals the general emotional condition of a crowd, rather than individual auras, although intense individual emotions might still be noticeable.
By playing a song or reciting a poem or story for at least a minute, the Skald can project a certain emotion into the minds of those who hear it. It might be sadness, or anger at an injustice, or, if she directs her songs toward a single individual (such as a Hierarch), searing shame. The more people she tries to project to, the less intense the emotion. In general, she can affect a maximum number of people with this Attainment effect equal to her Manipulation + Expression + Mind dice pool.
Although the Skalds are usually liked and trusted among mages, any unknown mage is a potential danger in the Fallen World. Because traveling Skalds must constantly meet new people, the first Attainment also gives them an effect similar to the Mind 2 “First Impressions” spell, providing a dice bonus equal to their Mind dots for the first Social Attribute-based roll they make upon meeting someone new.


Background: Tayron was still a kid when the 12th Street riots broke out and the savage racial violence left a lasting impression on him. He grew up mistrustful of anyone outside of his neighborhood and quickly fell in with a violent gang of his friends. Soon though he became disillusioned with the lifestyle after watching several of his friends die to drugs or gang conflict. He saw music, specifically rap, as his way out, and began practicing his art almost fanatically, recording several personal CDs in the span of a single year.
This drew the attention of Freeman, an Awakened member of the Skald legacy who had recently come to the city for its musical heritage. Upon realizing his potential for awakening, Freeman took the young man under his wing and helped to develop both his music and his understanding of their racial past.
When B-Boy awakened during a gig at a local nightclub, Freeman was in the audience, and afterwards welcomed the boy into Awakened society with open arms. Though the two have split into different cabals due to differences in personality, B-Boy still sees himself as Freeman’s apprentice, and the two often meet to continue the education and make music while doing so.

Storytelling-Hints: B-Boy hasn’t fully escaped his gang past; he still has sleeper friends who are involved in the lifestyle and often urge him to come back. Worse, he learned growing up that violence was the best way to be left alone and tends to default to an angry aggressiveness when frustrated or scared.
He’s not very powerful as Awakened go, but has managed to find a surprising number of supernal revelations within the crafting of his art.

Tayron Tomas "B-Boy"

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