Sarah Rosenbaum "Pawn"


Quote: “The wonders of the world pass through my doors, but so does vast amounts of junk — it’s up to me to find the few real treasures amidst all the dross.”

Description: She’s a slender, somewhat delicate-looking Jewish woman in early middle age. She dresses in a manner that demonstrates her sense of fashion and her wealth, and regularly wears one of the various pieces of Roman or Classical Greek jewelry in her private collection.

Order: Mysterium (Spy for the Guardians of the Veil)
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: Logophage (Left-Handed)
Gnosis: 5
Arcana: Death 2, Fate 4, Matter 2, Mind 5, Space 3, Time 2

1st Attainment: Security Of The Lost
Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 3, Death 1, Mind 2 (primary), Occult 2, Subterfuge 1
This Attainment is the mainstay of the Secret Keepers’ Legacy. While many mages understand how to submerge some of their knowledge for a short time, the Logophage perfects that art. More than simply concealing knowledge, the Logophage can wipe it completely from his mind. His mind consumes the memory so well he can never recall it. Logophages consider this to be the power they receive for their dedication; to them, they are not destroying knowledge, but returning it to the Supernal (or some other place they imagine to be safe) until one worthy of that wisdom will retrieve or rediscover it.
Secret Keepers also know that consuming information for its own sake is not always the wisest course of action. A Logophage may be forced to retain certain knowledge until he can be sure that evidence of its existence has been removed. For this reason, they also learn how to conceal secrets without destroying them. Security of the Lost functions identically to the Mind 2 Memory Hole spell. Per the spell’s description, each success on a Resolve + Occult + Mind roll subtracts one die from others’ dice pools to detect lies relevant to the concealed subject. Using this Attainment to consume knowledge is an unrolled instant action; it immediately destroys all knowledge of the secret the mage has. Doing so might give him one or more points of Willpower, depending on the secret’s potency.
The Logophage keeps these points of Willpower in a special “Logophage pool.” There is no limit to the number of Willpower points a Logophage may keep in this pool. They do not represent dots of a trait; they are not lost when an effect drains Willpower, and they don’t protect him against deleterious effects that occur when his true Willpower pool is empty. Otherwise, he can spend these points in place of Willpower, though still only one point per turn from either pool.
Logophages use this as the final act of consuming knowledge. Prior to using this power, they destroy or censor any other sources of the information. They often wipe out many of the clues that would lead to it. People who know the information must be dealt with, either through murder, long-term conditioning, incurred amnesia or the Legacy’s third Attainment. If the secret belongs to somebody in particular (especially if the third Attainment is involved), that target can only be affected once per chapter.

2nd Attainment: Knowing Of The Unknown
Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 5, Mind 3
Secret Keepers cannot protect what they do not know. While Logophages study to improve their ability to find and recognize potent information without talking to others, they cannot know everything. This Attainment makes a Logophage able to recognize what he reads or perceives no matter what; the Mind 3 Universal Language spell is effectively active for the mage at all times. Should she desire, she can suppress it for a time. Logophages use this to read ciphers that might conceal the existence of a valuable secret, or to interpret telepathic messages that they manage to tap into.
Optional Arcanum: Fate 3
Mages who also have Fate 3 gain the ability to recognize important secrets by the way they shake the web of destiny. When the Logophage is trying to determine whether or not something she has learned is a major secret (or just points to one), any relevant rolls she makes (usually Investigation or Occult) benefit from the Fate 3 Superlative Luck effect.


Background: Filled with a love of beauty, a fascination with antiquities and a keen eye, Sarah Rosenbaum started out as a buyer for a small auction house and worked her way up to senior appraiser of one of the largest auction houses in the world. Her Awakening was a lengthy mystery play, where a chance glimpse on the street of someone carrying a rare vase covered with mysterious inscriptions led to a lengthy chase around town to locate the vase and purchase it.
Her Awakening made her job far easier, as she now uses Time, Space and Matter magics to learn the most intimate secrets of the various items that pass through her hands. However, she is also a dedicated member of the Guardians of the Veil and keeps a constant watch for anything unusual enough to interest her order.
Pawn is a deep-cover agent for the Guardians of the Veil, secretly inducted into the order soon after her awakening, she was then ordered to infiltrate the ranks of the recently-formed Mysterium cabal The Discerning Collectors’ Club. What was supposed to be a mundane, if long-term, operation turned dangerous when the cabal discovered the Broken Temple. Pawn recognized that discovery of her true allegiance at that point would result in the normally bookish Mysterium hunting her to protect their secret. She left a last message about the discovery with her handler and went dark. Now she lives in fear that the Guardians will hunt her down for a perceived betrayal, as well as the fear that she will be discovered for her true loyalties.

Storytelling Hints: Although she is confident and well-spoken, she is more comfortable with objects than people and can easily become lost when examining the details of a particularly lovely or interesting item, sometimes completely losing track of what anyone around her might be doing or saying.
She is an expert bargainer, intuitively good at determining how much someone is willing to spend on or accept an item and persuading others to accept her offer. Even then, she knows exactly how much she is willing to spend on a piece by carefully examining a work of art or some other potentially valuable item, she can find any hidden flaws as well as learn its age and a bit of its history, and its approximate value to collectors and museums.

Sarah Rosenbaum "Pawn"

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