Sandra O'Reilly "Semiramis"


Quote: “By placing this parking structure next to that plaza, we should be able to channel that ley line and the urban squalor it fosters harmlessly away into that park. Sure, it means that most of the local druggies and drunks are going to find that place as their new favorite hangout, but then at least your cabal can start cleaning up the streets around your sanctum, like you wanted. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got.”

Description: She is a red-haired, athletic woman in her early 40s. She dresses like an educated professional.
Her nimbus manifests as sudden flashes of memory of random locations of the nearest large city.

Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Matter 1, Mind 1, Prime 3, Space 3, Spirit 2


Background: As someone interested in cities and adept at bureaucracy, Sandra O’Reilly decided to become an urban planner and took great satisfaction in helping to design and create plans for urban spaces that enabled people to lead happier and safer lives. Her Awakening added a new level to her work. Now, she sees that cities also have additional, little-known resources, such as ley lines, Hallows, Verges and loci. She now makes certain that plans for new development and urban renewal in her city avoid disturbing and of these valuable resources and, when possible, help create new ley lines. In addition, she also works to covertly protect the local libraries, sanctums and Demesnes used by the Mysterium and its allies. She is currently working with several scholars of magical theory to attempt to design urban spaces to reduce the local power of the Abyss.

Storytelling Hints: She is personable and outgoing, but is most comfortable with other educated professionals. She is less skilled at talking to people who seem uneducated and is significantly uncomfortable around anyone who actively reject social norms in his actions or appearance. Despite this, she is a capable negotiator even when uncomfortable.
She is a skilled magical theorist that understands the complexities of ley lines, Verges and similar locations, and also knows the latest theories about the nature of the Abyss and other similarly difficult questions. Her Shadow Name is taken from the Assyrian warrior-empress who is credited with having built a new Babylon.

Sandra O'Reilly "Semiramis"

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