Samuel Weiss "Byblos"


Quote: “It’s lovely here — everything in its place. It’s such a shame the rest of the world can’t have the same courtesy.”

Description: Sam is an immaculately dressed middle-eastern man in his early 50s. His clothes are modestly priced, but always well made, and his appearance is always immaculate. His careful, almost obsessive attention to detail extends to his appearance.
Those who watch him for a long time note that his movements are eerily precise, actions often appearing to correspond with a hidden, but eternal rhythm. He is never late for anything and even when doing busy work, he completes it seconds before an event would have interrupted him.

Path: Acanthus
Legacy: The House of Ariadne
Order: Mysterium
Gnosis: 6
Arcana: Death 2, Fate 4, Matter 3, Spirit 4, Time 5


Background: As a bookish, and socially awkward young man, libraries were always Sam Weiss’s refuge, and so they were a natural choice for a job to earn extra money while in college. His skill and dedication then lead him to a degree in library science. His Awakening consisted of a long mystery play in which he wandered the library stacks all through on sleepless night. Although he initially kept information about his magic from everyone, a mage who was a patron in his library noticed Sam working some feat of minor magic and after talking to him, invited him to join the Mysterium. Today, he works as the head of the House of Ariadne in Detroit, organizing and cataloging the wealth of information they have collected.
Many mistake his shadow name as a reference to the bible, but it is in fact the name of one of the oldest settled cities in the world.

Storytelling Hints: He’s somewhat obsessive-compulsive in his mannerisms, especially when under stress. When nervous, he often arranges and orders items around him, such as stacking coins in neat piles. The defection of his student Epimetheus to the Seers of the Throne affected him deeply – he is the only mage on the Concilium to know the full extend of his pupil’s betrayal and his reinvention as the dangerous killer Encore.
Byblos has mastered time magics to such a degree that they are second nature to him. He doesn’t even realize when he uses basic effects, including those of Fate. To a certain degree, he lives always in another time, reflexively peering into the future or the past rather than concentrating on the present.
Despite having honed his soul to the degree required for preliminary Archmastery, Byblos has so far refused to pursue that step. He too deeply valued his pupils and the material city that he has dedicated his life to observing to willingly give that up for a Supernal ideal that he is not fully convinced is actually more ideal than the Fallen World itself.

Samuel Weiss "Byblos"

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