Sadie Constance "Penelope"


Description: In her mid-forties, Sadie maintains the trim figure of a regular runner, which is only enhanced by the loose sweatpants and athletic clothing that she regularly wears. Her thick hair is left loose in a dense corona of curls, only occasionally held back by patterned scarves. She is attractive even at this age and her many cat-callers often meet unpleasant, though not damaging accidents around her.

Path: Acanthus
Legacy: The House of Ariadne
Order: Free Council
Gnosis: 5
Arcana: Fate 3, Space 2, Spirit 2, Time 4
Special: +1 to social rolls in cities, -1 to social rolls in rural or wilderness areas. Members must spend six hours walking through a city to attune to it before they can use their powers there.

1st Attainment: Attune
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Time 2 (primary), Fate 1
After seeing Ariadne’s thread, the first step a mage must take is attuning himself to the city. He must initially spend six hours walking through the city, following Ariadne’s thread. After this, he may use this attunement to feel the city’s history. This resembles the Time 2 spell “Postcognition.” While the mage might not know names, he can tell if and when a man was murdered on this street corner, or if a couple made love in a park or if a mage committed a vulgar spell in a movie theater. A mage is not married to the city in which he Awakened. He can attune himself to any city he is in.
The symbolism of the city makes itself known to the mage, as the city’s resonance applies different meanings to different things. (For example, a park’s “Tunnel of Love” may resonate happiness or sexual energy for most cities, but if a brutal murder happened there, the ride may resonate with fear, hatred and death.)

2nd Attainment: Discovery Meditation
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Time 3
The mage must focus his mind on what he is trying to find, whether it’s an item or a person. As long as the target is in the city, the mage doesn’t need to have a sympathetic connection to the target. Ariadne’s thread will lead him to where it is, but the path will not be direct. The whole process is actually a specialized, somewhat oblique use of “Divination” — but instead of seeking a clue about what another person will do in the future, the mage asks what path is most likely to lead him to his goal.
Following the thread of Fate may take some time, and if the mage seeks a kidnapped colleague, the mage has no guarantee the person won’t be dead when the mage finds her. The meditation will not work if the item or person leaves the material plane; the trail simply goes cold. If the target is kept behind considerable defenses, whether locked doors, vaults or magical protection, Ariadne’s thread will not give the mage any abilities to bypass the security. The thread only leads the way to the object desired, but does not tell you the best, or safest, way to get there.
Optional Arcanum: Fate 3
If the mage also has Fate 3, she can seek answers to broader questions about the destiny of the city or significant groups within it. As with the Fate 1 spell “Sybil’s Sight,” the mage seeks deeper, metaphysical truths in the words of passersby, billboards, street names and other incidentals of urban life. However, the Discover Meditation can operate on a larger scale.


Background: Sadie Constance was born in Detroit. As she grew up she learned the pulse of her neighborhood inside and out, becoming fascinated by the ways the city affected the people that lived in its shadows. When she awakened in a mystery play that saw her walk an Atlantean Sign across the city streets, it lead finally to the sanctum of Byblos and his apprentice Epimetheus who took her in and taught her the fundamentals of her newfound power.
Epimetheus, another Acanthus was apprenticed to Byblos at the same time as Penelope and the two became close lovers. He gradually became disillusioned by the workings of the Pentacle Orders and his disappearance without even a note of goodbye is one of the deepest betrayals she ever experienced. Her mastery of Fate magic means that she knows he still lives, but hopes to never meet him again. If she did, it would be hard to say how she might react.
Now she stays in the Crossroads with Byblos who remains her mentor, acting as his hands and eyes in the city as he draws ever more inwards.

Storytelling-Hints: Sadie is embittered by the abandonment of Epimetheus, which left a current of mistrusting anger throughout her life since. If she were to discover that he has reinvented himself as Encore, one of the more dangerous servants of the Exarchs in the city, it is likely that she would go mad from shock and anger.
When not pursuing some half-understood secret of the city, she can be found jogging along the countless streets in almost any neighborhood, using the runs both as an excuse to stay in shape and to explore for further hidden aspects of Detroit.

Sadie Constance "Penelope"

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