Nathaniel Smith "Beat"


Quote: “Someone’s got to kick the hornets’ nest.”

Description: Nathaniel “Beat” likes to describe himself as “dark and dangerous” and he intentionally carries himself with a gangster’s swagger to play on racial fears of those around him. Tall and lanky, Beat often dresses in loose tank tops that show off his perfectly toned wiry muscle. He keeps his head shaved and burnished to a shining finish, and even in the evening he displays not even the shadow of a beard. Though his is constantly covered in scrapes, bruises, and bandages, the only apparent scar is a split earlobe that looks as if an earring was once torn out of it. He has several gold and silver teeth shining out from an otherwise pearly smile.
He favors loose-fitting clothing and no jewelry, having learned the hard way how that can be used against an opponent. The fabric of his clothing is often very durable, but customized with simple stitching to use velcro instead of buttons or zippers.

Path: Acanthus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Fate 3, Life 2, Time 2


Background: He grew up in the worst the East Side had to offer, surrounded by drugs and violence. It would have been easy to fall into the lifestyle himself, but he had two younger brothers to take care of through the constantly changing cycle of foster homes. Instead he became a gangly defender of the bullied, getting into fights so that the bigger, meaner kids would hurt him instead of another hapless victim. By the time he was twenty, he had long been forced out of the foster care system, but he kept to his ways, intentionally picking fights with abusive drunks and getting in over his head with the exes of his many lovers.
Beat Awakened after losing a particularly nasty brawl, where he was thrown into a nearby thorn-bush to pull his way out. Instead, he found himself thrown into the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn and discovered a much more powerful purpose.

Storytelling-Hints: Beat goes in fists firsts and asks questions later. He is the proverbial “beater” of the Huntsmen, the guy who goes into the brush making a ruckus and scaring it out from hiding. It’s a dangerous job of course, but he enjoys it, and he knows the team always has his back. He goes through life with a certain carefree attitude that has often gotten him in trouble with his multiple romantic interests, but he does care for them – all of them.

Nathaniel Smith "Beat"

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