Michelle Walton "Trapper"


Quote: “Want some beans? Not that can, this one. Those are the old beans, back from ’99 when I thought the Eschaton was coming.”

Description: Dressed in a mix of greasy hoodies, military surplus and homespun sweaters, Trapper keeps her dirty dreadlocks tied back and her eyes behind big black sunglasses. She’s always armed with an old Colt .45 pistol and a big knife, and makes a habit of patrolling the compound with an AR-15 that she owns legally.
She speaks either in monosyllables or long, bizarre tirades, with nothing in between. Sometimes they’re meant for the ghosts of the men she killed.

Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Gnosis: 2
Arcana: Death 2, Matter 4, Forces 2


Background: She was 15 when the Berlin Wall came down, but she wasn’t going to let that blunt her precocious interest in bomb shelters, back issues of Soldier of Fortune and surplus rations. Anyone on the outside could see that it was a reaction to an unsettled life. Her mother picked up odd jobs around the city, and her absent father was supposedly “away in the army.” She Awakened after parting ways with her mother to live in with a street gang. At that moment, she knew the real reason she’d always loved guns and survivalism was that she was a reincarnation of a first-generation Atlantean exile.
She made a play for leadership of the gang, and things got ugly, leaving eight corpses and a burning wreck where the gang’s compound had been. This drew the attention of the order. It trained her and tried to make her less antisocial, but once she finished her apprenticeship, she built herself a new compound on the ruins of the old. Now she hosts Arrows who need to hide out. She’s a bit crazed and apt to say wildly offensive things, but she takes her vow to guard visitors very seriously. She has a strong teenage son, a bunch of attack dogs and a magically enhanced knack for explosives.

Storytelling Hints: She’s heavily armed and dangerously eccentric, but she’ll lay down her life for the order, even if she won’t actually leave her compound. She’s convinced that the Awakened are entering the last days and thinks they’re fools for not preparing. Characters encounter her when they need to hide out or grab supplies. Her compound contains years of hoarded objects, yielding everything from minor magical trinkets to lots and lots of tinned food.

Michelle Walton "Trapper"

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