Melanie 'Mel' Ritsky "Rifleman"


Description: Mel is a fair, slim woman of average height in her late twenties or early thirties with auburn hair that she keeps in a short braid. As a nervous habit, she obsessively brushes the thin strands of hair that escape out of her face, but rarely works up the exasperation to redo the braid entirely. She moves with a slight awkwardness, but visibly relaxes whenever she is holding one of her firearms.
Mel wears easy-breathing athletic clothes in muted grays and blacks, light sweatpants and athletic jackets over polyester turtlenecks. Often these are decorated with patches and logos of various Michigan sport-shooting organizations that she holds membership in. Her weapons are precise instruments chosen for accuracy rather than stopping power; she is fond of remarking that if the shot misses, it doesn’t matter what caliber it was. They are expensive top-of-the-line precision sport weapons, many won at past competitions.
In particular, her Walther SSP sport pistol looks like something out of science fiction, with an oddly large polymer grip specially customized to her hand, and a magazine that loads in front of the trigger adding to its strange appearance. Furthering this is her GA Precision bolt-action rifle with a similarly customized stock and frame painted with swirling patterns in grey and brown.

Path: Mastigos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Gnosis: 2
Arcana: Fate 2, Mind 3, Space 3, Time 1

Walther SSP .22LR 1 + 0L Range: 15/30/60 Ammunition: 5 + 1 Strength: 1 Special:
+ 1 accuracy for Mel only, the odd grip imposes a -1 accuracy penalty on any other shooter.
GA Precision Rifle 1 + 4L Range: 250/500/1000 Ammunition: 5 + 1 Strength: 2 Special:
Built to FBI specifications, the rifle has an inherent +2 bonus to accuracy, though this is
lowered to +1 if the shooter does not use a different stock.
Note: Mel always uses Match Grade ammunition, if the character spends 10 minutes and makes a Intelligence + Firearms (-3 without detailed information on wind, temperature, and humidity) with successes adding to the maximum bonus from aiming for a scene.


Background: Mel was not a hunter, nor did she ever have a strong desire to serve her country or see combat. She loved guns though. From the meditative practice of stripping, cleaning, and reassembling them, to the careful mathematics of aiming, she delighted in the precise physics of the weapons. Her obsession quickly lead her to becoming and expert sport marksman with both rifles and handguns. Though occasionally approached by military and government groups for her talents, she always refused, being an ardent pacifist despite her fascination with such tools of violence.
That changed when she Awakened and he discovered that there were creatures, things, that are far more dangerous and evil than most humans imagine. She finally had a reason to take up arms in earnest, and when she was discovered by the Lakeshore Huntsmen, she gained the support of powerful allies in his crusade.

Storytelling Hints: Without much actual combat training, Mel serves as the spotter and sniper of the cable. With no illusions as to her ability to survive in single combat, she is more than willing to surrender if cornered by an opponent; she trusts her friends among the Huntsmen to rescue her regardless.
Out of combat she serves as the group’s most “normal” member and has become accustomed to serving as the representative to the local Concilium. Her frequent visits to local firing ranges have made her a well known and liked member of a loose community of marksmen, and she has contacts among a wide variety of police, hunters, and gun-nuts.

Melanie 'Mel' Ritsky "Rifleman"

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