Martin Delray "Tony Martins"


Description: Despite having the financial means and the magical skill to never need to want for clothing again, Martin always dresses in tattered old rags that he finds on his scavenges. He sees it as a practical matter, both because his upbringing makes him more comfortable in them, but also because he is more likely to be overlooked and left alone when wearing rags. If looking like the homeless brat he grew up as is the price to pay for not being mugged in the run-down neighborhoods he frequents, its one he will happily pay.
Underneath the rags, Martin is a middle-aged man with a lean athletic build and a height that is hard to see through his perpetually hunched posture. In contrast to his clothes, he keeps his hair immaculately maintained into shoulder-length cornrows that he pulls back behind his head with a grey doo-rag.

Order: Mysterium
Path: Moros
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Fate 1, Death 4, Life 3, Matter 2


Background: Martin Delray spent much of his development homeless after having fled an abusive father for the streets of Detroit. There, he made a living off of petty theft and scrounging valuable junk from the countless abandoned houses of the city. Despite the questionable means by which he survived, he became a devout Catholic, trusting that the blessed luck that seemed to dog his existence and ensure his day-to-day survival was the work of a loving God.
This belief kept him off of drugs and out of the gangs that plague the city, but unfortunately did not keep him out of trouble. As he became more skilled he also became more overconfident, causing him to explore ever more difficult and dangerous structures. He Awakened to the Watchtower of the Lead Coin staring up at the sky through a hole in the floor that he had just fallen through, five stories up.

Storytelling-Hints: Fernando Martins was the given name of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. In shortening and combining it, Martin crafted a shadow name that has a meaning understood only to him – much the same way that he feels about the world in general and his own experiences of it.
Though awakening caused him to lose much of his religion, Anthony remembers what it was like to be in the torn shoes of the homeless. When he’s not searching through abandoned structures for old and lost secrets, he can often be found talking to ghosts and using his skill with the Death arcanum to subtly relieve homeless squatters of the vermin that often infest their homes.

Martin Delray "Tony Martins"

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