Maggy Moore "The Professional" aka "Detective Norris"


Quote: “Once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.”

Description: Maggy is both short and stocky, the sport jackets and pencil-skirts she constantly wears making her look like an aging legal-aide. She keeps the greying hair that falls in frizzing curls down her back contained in a tight bun, occasionally held with silver combs. Her perpetual glower is only accentuated by her large eyes that make her seem either exasperated or bored with no real intermediary expressions.
She is never without a notepad and pen that she uses to record her thoughts and observations about the world around her.
Her nimbus causes objects to take on a clear focus and reveals subtle patterns in the environment around her. When she casts vulgar magic the patterns take an an ominous undertone.

Path: Mastigos
Legacy: Bearers of the Eternal Voice
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Gnosis: 5
Arcana: Fate 3, Life 1, Mind 4, Space 3, Time 2

  • As Detective Norris, The Professional behaves much differently than she presents herself to the Concilium, assuming an easy-going confidence that seems at place in a film noir more than from a greying woman in her fifties.
  • The Professional still has contacts among the police as a result of her job as a private eye, which has also given her several allies in the city of Highland Park who owe her favors for looking into and solving their troubles.

1st Attainment – The Perfected Conversation
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Mind 2, Life 1, Subterfuge 2
By simultaneously monitoring the mental state of the person the character is talking to and precisely controlling her own verbal and non-verbal communication, a Bearer of the Eternal Voice can become inhumanly convincing when talking to a single individual or to a small group (up to one extra person per dot of the character’s Manipulation) with whom the character can hold a two-way conversation. Whenever Whisperers attempt to lie to such a group, they can reflexively add a number of successes equal to their dots in Mind to the Wits or Manipulation + Subterfuge roll needed to successfully tell the lie. The mage can invoke this power a number of times per scene equal to his Gnosis.
Alternatively, the Voice can convince a Sleeper that an incident of vulgar magic was in fact something perfectly normal, thereby canceling the effects of the Sleeper’s Disbelief for the scene. The Voice spends an instant action talking to the Sleeper, and the player rolls Manipulation + Expression minus the Sleeper’s Composure. Success cancels the effects of that Sleeper’s Disbelief for the rest of the scene, and each success lowers by one the Sleeper’s Willpower for the purposes of consulting the Disbelief chart (the Sleeper’s actual Willpower is unaffected). This power can only be attempted once per scene against the same Sleeper; if it fails, he cannot try again for the rest of the scene.
Optional Arcanum: Space 2
If the Whisperer also knows Space 2, she can create a sympathetic connection between herself and someone she is communicating with via phone, video conference, Internet chat, or some other direct and immediate, two-way media. As a result, she can influence anyone she talks to via any of these methods.

2nd Attainment – Gilded Speech
Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 5, Mind 3, Expression 2
Instead of being limited to intimate conversations, the character can now address a large audience and fill them with the burning conviction that she is an honest and righteous person who is telling the absolute truth. If the character attempts to either lie or to convince people that her ideas and point of view are correct, she can reflexively add a number of successes equal to her dots in Mind to the Manipulation + Expression roll involved in making a speech.
Optional Arcanum: Space 3
If she also knows Space 3, her Attainments are no longer limited solely to audiences who are physically present. The character can use her Attainments to address a group through any live broadcast medium, such as a live radio or television broadcast. She can affect the listeners just as easily as if she were standing right in front of them. Characters with this ability could potentially use this Legacy to influence the minds of many tens of thousands of listeners.


Background: Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Maggy grew up with a deep sense of civic duty that only bloomed as she grew older. Instead of going to college, which she could have easily done with her excellent grades and expansive list of extracurricular activities, she enrolled in the police academy. Passing with flying colors, she swiftly rose through the ranks to become one of the best forensic detectives in the city.
This was unfortunately also around the time that a mysterious string of murders began that defied all explanation. The grizzly crime scenes held clues that she could trace, and became convinced that the killer was taunting her specifically. When similar killings began cropping up in Michigan, she quit the force after being denied permission to transfer and pursued her quarry as a private eye. Soon the killings became more and more bizarre and ritualistic, leading to her awakening when she was finally overwhelmed by the horror she was pursuing.
It was then that her hunt began in earnest and she discovered that the murders were actually the work of a mad Scelestus who believes that he can induce awakenings through such crime scenes. To him, she was his greatest success, but she spurned his offer of mentorship in revulsion before he disappeared once more. Maggy is convinced that he is still in the city, and has made it her life’s work to hunt down those who break the laws of the Concilium and to prevent that such atrocities from continuing in the future.
Several years ago, she took on Liltu, a fellow Mastigos and member of the Guardians of the Veil Liltu, as her apprentice. The two share a distant, but cordial relationship, kept necessarily secret by the covert role the Suits and Masks play within Detroit’s society of Mages.

Storytelling-Hints: Maggy is exhausted of her long hunt, but refuses to retire to safer research until her quarry has been found. In the meantime, she is delighted to help new mages who show an interest in the Guardians of the Veil, or to talk with those that come from law-enforcement backgrounds.
Her knowledge of police procedure makes her an excellent Guardian, able to perfectly disguise or fake a crime scene and possessing an encyclopedic memory for average response times and likely patrol routes. She doesn’t kill much; her role coming in the investigations that lead up to an order for execution, and afterwards in the cleanup. Thankfully from her perspective, the mages she work with often require blessedly little to alter after an operation.

Maggy Moore "The Professional" aka "Detective Norris"

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