Lana Caseri "Ostracon"


Quote: “Sifting debris at a dig is dull and tedious, but there’s nothing like the first glimpse of something that no one has seen for 3,000 years.”

Description: Lana is a muscular, outdoorsy-looking woman in her late 20s. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and a suntan that clearly comes from hard work under the tropical sun, rather than an overpriced tanning bed. Those portions of her wardrobe not scrounged from thrift stores come from one of the various outdoorsy catalogs. Her nimbus appears as a field of blackness filled with brief images of distant lands and lost ages.

Order: Mysterium
Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: Lords of the Inanimate
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Life 2, Matter 2, Spirit 3, Time 2

1st Attainment: Commanding The Inanimate
Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 3, Matter 2 (primary), Spirit 1, Persuasion 2, Craft 1
The mage can control mechanical and electrical devices in a manner similar to the Control Object spell. The mage accomplishes this control by verbally speaking to the device and asking it to perform the desired function. In addition, the mage gains the ability to hear, speak to the spirits in objects and also to sense the presence of and communicate with unseen spirits in Twilight, in a manner similar to the Spirit Tongue. Using any of these abilities requires the mage to make a Presence + Persuasion + Matter roll.
By talking to the spirit of an object, the mage can also sometimes learn roughly how and when it has been used and other similar details even its limited awareness might notice. The spirits inside ordinary objects understand little about the surrounding world, but they know themselves exceedingly well. Any successes rolled when talking to a damaged object about what is wrong with it give the mage 1 additional die to roll for attempts to repair the object.


Background: Her fascination with the past was spawned by various children’s adventure novels, and grew into a passion that drove Lana Caseri to choose the difficult life of a field archeologist. Her greatest joy is finding artifacts no one has seen for centuries and then working out the details of their creation and use and the stories of the lives of the people who made and used them.
Her greatest disappointment in Awakening has been not being able to share the more unusual or magical relics that she finds with the general public. She consoles herself with sharing her knowledge with a community of mages who are interested in her discoveries, and then working with these same mages to reconstruct the history of the earliest days after the Fall largely makes up for the need for mundane secrecy.

Storytelling Hints: Although relatively quiet, she is clearly passionate about her interests and loves talking with people who are either interested in the ancient world or who understand the difficult joys of hard but rewarding outdoor labor.
With skill and training in the history of many ancient civilization and a knowledge of five ancient languages, she can answer almost any question about the history of Europe and Asia. She is similarly capable at understanding the fragments of even the most damaged artifacts, able to tell what it was likely used for and often its historical era.

Lana Caseri "Ostracon"

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