Jamal Smith "Prometheus"


Description: The token white kid of the cabal, Jamal tends to play that down as much as possible, dressing in baggy clothing typically with an emphasis on stark white and black colors. The money he makes from some of his less than legal “salvage” means that the clothes he wears are always new and fashionable. He’s quick to donate clothes to charity at even the slightest hint of wear, reasoning that since he can afford new kicks, the poor should get the opportunity to wear his hip clothes when they are as new as possible.
Jamal keeps his red hair shaved close to his head and is trying to cultivate a goatee, but has proven unable to grow anything more than a creepy-looking wisp of a mustache. When he wears t-shirts, old gang tattoos can be seen decorating his arms and torso.

Order: Mysterium
Path: Obrimos
Gnosis: 1
Arcana: Fate 2, Forces 3, Prime 1


Background: Before he was stealing secrets he was stealing cars for the gangs, and before that he was stealing trinkets from store shelves. In truth, Jamal cannot remember the first time he stole something or why. It was likely by necessity, having grown up in the poor East Side of Detroit, but it quickly became a passion.
He loved the city and loved the freedom that his skills afforded him. Even when he wasn’t thieving, he often broke into private and abandoned structures simply to explore everything Detroit had to offer. He Awakened when he saw the dawn break from the top of the Renaissance Center, which he had broken into to explore. Without full control of his newly realized abilities, he accidentally electrocuted a guard and temporarily cut power to the eastern tower, something he still feels guilty about to this day.

Storytelling-Hints: He’s not very well read, but he always liked to compare himself to the best of myth’s thieves. As a kid he fancied himself a sort of Robin Hood, but when he awakened he was introduced to the myth of Prometheus and the idea stuck. He sees himself as stealing the fire of magic from the exarchs to bring to humanity.
Prometheus is idealistic and proud, driven by a self-imposed higher calling. Without a great deal more introspection and philosophy, he’s liable to become heavy-handed and dangerously self-righteous. It would not take much to turn his pride into hubris.

Jamal Smith "Prometheus"

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