Jacob Wabaunsee "Smoke"


Quote: “Fire is what elevated us from simple omnivores into true hunters.”

Description: Smoke is tall and heavyset, in his late 30s, with the strong nose and prominent cheekbones of his Native American heritage. He is not handsome, though his weathered features give him a certain rough-hewn attractiveness. A white bandanna, folded into a headband, keeps his long black hair pulled back away from his face when he is busy. He dresses practically, but cleanly, even his most casual clothes kept in pristine condition that look as if they were bought just hours earlier. Underneath a tan leather jacket, he wears a variety of white or cream-colored shirts, always appropriate to the occasion. His leather dress shoes are clearly not expensive, and easily disposed of if they become too damaged.
Around his neck, he wears in polished copper the flame symbol of the Potowatomi tribe, though when working, he keeps the talisman under his shirt, only visible by the occasional glint around his collar. On his hands are thick copper bands, one of which is inscribed on top with a symbol of a rising sun.
Smoke’s nimbus causes his tan skin to take on the reflective shine of polished copper and a haze of heat, which appears to tarnish green at the edges when he casts vulgar magic.

Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Gnosis: 5
Arcana: Forces 4, Life 1, Prime 5, Spirit 2


Background: Jacob Wabaunsee was born among the residents of the Hannahville Indian Community in central Michican. Given the surname Wabaunsee, or “Sunrise,” by his parents to symbolize their hope in a next generation, he grew up surrounded by tribal culture. His fascination with his peoples’ history was only tempered by his sadness over its destruction, and he became obsessed on revitalizing old practices.
As a teenager he became involved in the religion of the tribe and by his twenties he travelled extensively to interview those few scholars of his peoples’ lore. Throughout his journeys he became increasingly convinced of the reality of spirits and the threat that they posed to not the ignorant and the innocent. This belief culminated in his awakening where he walked over vast plains that burned with golden light and climbed a blinding white mountain to scribe his name on its peak under the gaze of the mighty sun. Awakened to the watchtower of the Golden Key, he realized that his purpose was to serve as his peoples’ protector from those supernatural forces that would harm them.
He helped to found the Lakeshore Huntsmen, reasoning that though it was not as focused on protecting his community specifically as he might like, his influence could help to guide the group.

Storytelling-Hints: Jacob is the de-facto leader of the Lakeshore Huntsmen, with both the charisma and mystical strength to hold the group together through the often traumatic encounters they push themselves into. He has held them together through the deaths of several comrades, and seems as though they will weather the deaths of many more in their dangerous crusade against the worst the dark corners of the world has to offer.
Though Jacob is focused on his tribe and its protection, he is not single-minded in that pursuit. While he would always choose to rescue a Native American over someone of another race, he is not condescending towards those of other races. He simply sees it as his duty to protect those who have not historically had protectors in centuries.
He is more than happy to take advantage of the expectations of others that he is likely to be a mage of spirits and nature due to his heritage, even going so far as to learn the rudiments of each to further the illusion. In combat he is a terror of flame and light, using forces to their full effect.

Jacob Wabaunsee "Smoke"

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