Jacob Baldwin "Excelsior"


Quote: “The power to change your situation rests entirely within you.”

Description: Excelsior is a PR agent’s dream, with impeccable hair, flawless skin and a brilliant white smile. He dresses as if he’s conducting an on-the-air interview at all times, in three-piece suits, pressed shirts, power ties and mirror-shined shoes. His hair is always impeccably cut and styled, and even when angered he maintains a winning smile. His nimbus manifests as an aura of self-confidence contagious to those around him.

Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Gnosis: 2
Arcana: Life 3, Mind 4, Prime 2


Background: Excelsior grew up in horrific conditions. Both parents were drug addicts who spent more time fighting than raising him, and during the numerous “break-up” periods in which one or the other left the household during a separation, the remaining parent inevitably brought in “uncles” or “aunts” who were even worse influences. Despite the meth and the booze, the beatings and the neglect, he managed to pull straight As in school, and his situation (and hard work) were noticed by a member of the Silver Ladder, Guidance, who worked in the school system. In his third-hand clothes and too-small shoes, he sat in the counselor’s office and applied for scholarships that allowed him to escape his one-horse town and go on to college. He studied
psychology, Awakened, and eventually wrote what would become a best-selling self-help novel “Beyond the Abyss,” in which he uses barely-veiled references to Awakening as a symbol of a true human super-potential everyone can achieve.
Excelsior’s Awakening unlocked in him what he believes is a potential every human being can achieve. He credits his mentor’s aid in seeing his potential and helping him to achieve it, and is dedicated to spreading that message to all who are willing and ready to hear it.

Storytelling Hints: Excelsior believes every human being has the potential to Awaken, although few are willing to claim that fate for themselves. He sees his own role as helping to reach those who are willing, but who need encouragement to achieve their full potential. He hopes, by spreading the word with his book and various self-help conferences, to reach more of those who are seeking and only need a little hand-up to fully Awaken.
Excelsior’s success as a self-help author has given him access to significant contacts in the publishing industry. He is likely to know someone (or know someone who knows someone) from whom to pull favors in most aspects of the publishing industry, from writing, editing and research to publishing and marketing.

Jacob Baldwin "Excelsior"

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