Iain Douglas "Vault"


Quote: “I don’t image you have seen one of these before, this artifact was made at least 5,000 years ago — I’m fairly certain it was made only a few centuries after the Fall.”

Description: Iain is a handsome, athletic man in his late 40s. Although his personal style is never flamboyant or ostentatious, his wealth is immediately obvious to anyone who knows clothing or fashion. His nimbus causes any objects he considers precious or beautiful to appear exceptionally striking and set off from their surroundings.

Order: Mysterium
Path: Moros
Legacy: Unforgotten Scions
Gnosis: 5
Arcana: Death 4, Matter 4, Mind 3, Prime 3, Time 3

1st Attainment: Indelible Intimation
Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 3, Mind 2 (primary), Expression 2
Dreamers can verbally brand their ideas into their own or another’s mind, per the Mind 3 Perfect Mnemonic spell. This requires an instant action and a roll of the mage’s Manipulation + Expression + Mind, subtracting the target’s Resolve unless the mage targets his own mind. If the roll is successful, the knowledge endures permanently, and any Sleeper afflicted with such knowledge develops a derangement as an aggressive casting. Unforgotten Scions may use higher ratings of Mind or the second Attainment of this Legacy to communicate this information telepathically, if they wish.
As a final effect of learning this Attainment, Dreamers gain the Whispers Merit for free as a function of their conduit to the Unforgotten.

2nd Attainment: Truths Best Unknown
Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 5, Mind 3 (primary)
The mage wordlessly speaks to another’s mind just as a successful casting of the Mind 2 Whispers from Afar spell, but this effect cannot be resisted. The target experiences discomfort while being spoken to in this fashion and might spontaneously bleed a small trickle from the nose, eyes or ears, at Storyteller discretion, though this is only a cosmetic effect.
If the mage wishes, she can also project thoughts more aggressively, in which case the victim still understands the communication, but this also requires a roll of the mage’s Manipulation + Expression + Mind – the target’s Resolve; each success inflicts one point of bashing damage to the listener per the Mind 3 Psychic Assault spell. Other Unforgotten Scions are immune to this damage.
Optional Arcanum: Prime 3
If the mage also knows Prime 3, she may create a more advanced form of grimoire than conventional Arcana normally allows. Creating this text requires the usual rolls and effort for a rote casting of the Prime 1 Inscribe Grimoire spell. If the roll is successful, however, the text does not strip the rote from the mage’s mind. More dramatically, mages and Sleepwalkers can use the cursed texts to cast rotes for spells they would otherwise lack the necessary Arcana to cast, rolling Gnosis alone (or spending a point of Willpower to gain three dice for the casting, if the reader possesses neither Gnosis nor Arcana). There is a catch, of course. Whenever a mage learns a spell from a Dreamer’s grimoire or a character casts a rote by consulting such a text, she must reflexively roll Resolve + Gnosis – the text creator’s Mind dots. If this roll fails, she develops a Fixation derangement to share the grimoire’s contents with others like a Sleeper wounded by an Indelible Intimation.


Background: Wealth has its privileges, and this is quite obvious when examining the course of the wealthy collector’s life. Growing up as the pampered only child of a wealthy family, Iain Douglas was able to pursue his schooling and his hobbies with no regard for practicality or cost. His fascination with history led him to extensive studies in college and on his own, followed by a growing passion for collecting antiquities. Traveling the globe and sending letters and emails to buyers even in the most remote corners of the world, he began to amass a collection of ancient and beautiful relics from the very dawn of civilization.
Even before he Awakened, he attracted the attention of the Mysterium, because two of the items in his collection were Atlantean. After he refused generous offers to sell the objects, one of them was stolen, and he began to obsessively guard and study the remaining artifact, precipitating his Awakening. His passion for collection now focuses on relics of the Fall. To obtain permission to study his collection, the Mysterium was forced to return the stolen artifact. Now he works with other collectors in this order, organizing and studying the many ancient and unique items, magical and not, that they have obtained.

Storytelling Hints: While his reputation and appearance are important, his collection is far more so. Although he rarely brags, his pride in his collection is obvious and genuine – he loves beautiful things, especially relics that are beautiful and ancient and filled with history. Neither people nor political intrigues particularly interest him, but he is always willing to examine or learn more above some interesting or exotic relic.

Iain Douglas "Vault"

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