Gilber Deroux "Goat"


Quote: “Look, no offense, okay? I mean, given my druthers, you and me and maybe a couple of your friends would go give the bed a hell of a shake-up, but it wouldn’t be about you, you know? It’d be just sex between me and my devil, and we’d be using you.”

Description: Goat is hot shit, and he knows it. He could have easily stepped out of a fashion magazine, with just enough of a “bad boy” aura to him to let him be picked out of a crowd of similar young men. His dark hair is cut close to his head, though it hangs just slightly in his blue eyes. He has a trimly cut goatee, and simple silver rings through his ears. He is well-muscled, but not dramatically so – it is plainly the result of careful shaping in a gym, not the results of physical labor. His clothing is always appropriate to his surroundings, and he always cuts a hell of a figure among other Mastigos; he looks damned good in a suit, and is willing to spend the money on tailored work (a lesser indulgence his Clavicularius seniors permit – for now).
Goat’s nimbus causes all eyes to turn toward him, and his good looks stand out in sharp detail, though they become predatory to the viewer, as though he were some kind of hungry incubus. Whispers that sound both like threats and seductions just beyond the range of human hearing can be heard, and those around him suddenly break out into a nervous sweat.

Dedicated Magical Tool: A double-edged shaving razor, with an intricate scrimshaw of Baphomet in the goat-horn handle
Real Name: Gilbert Deroux
Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: Clavicularius
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 4, Composure 3
Mental Skills: Academics 1, Investigation 2, Occult (Tantra, Voudoun) 2
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl (Grappling) 2, Drive 2, Firearms (Pistols) 2, Weaponry 1
Social Skills: Empathy 4, Expression 3, Intimidation (Veiled Threats) 2, Persuasion 3, Socialize 4, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 3
Merits: Allies 3 – Free Council; Barfly; Contacts – Clavicularius Legacy, Club Scene; High Speech; Language – Creole French; Mentor 2; Status 2 – Free Council; Pusher; Striking Looks 4
Willpower: 6
Wisdom: 6 (Narcissism)
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust
Initiative: 7
Defense: 3
Speed: 11
Health: 7
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Life 2, Mind 4, Space 2, Spirit 4
Rotes: Mind – Aura Perception (•), First Impressions (••), Mental Shield (••), Goetic Struggle (•••), Dream Traveler (••••); Space – Apportation (••); Spirit – Egregore of Sin (••••)
Legacy Attainment: 1st — Goetic Projection
Mana/per turn: 13/4
Armor: 4 (“Misperception,” Mind ••)

1st Attaqinment – Goetic Projection
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Mind 2, Empathy 3
The first attainment of the Clavicularius legacy shapes the Goeticist’s soul in such a way that his own weaknesses and sins – his Vice, derangements and Mental Flaws – stand out in stark relief to his mind’s eye. Because of this, the Clavicularius can sense those taints within others, and project them onto others.
By inflaming his sin and projecting it onto another, the Clavicularius creates an impetus to behave in a similar fashion in his target. This acts like the Mind 2 “Emotional Urging” spell, including the ability for the Awakened to sense they are being manipulated. However, if the target already possesses the Vice projected by the Clavicularius, she is immune to this attainment – a soul that already battles its own internal sin is immune to that same sin from an outside source.
Clavicularius mentors warn their initiates about using this attainment frivolously, for driving others to acts of sin can be an act of Hubris.


Background: Gilbert Deroux grew up in a small trailer park behind a truck stop along the highway just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was the son of a waitress at the truck stop and a trucker who stopped in there every two months or so for a week at a time before he was gone again. Gil hated the trailer park. However, the onset of adolescence changed him from a cherubic, little blue-eyed boy into a faun-like adolescent, all sleek muscle, mischievous smile and a mop of soft black curls.
You don’t grow up looking like that and not draw attention, and Gil drew plenty of it. He lost his virginity at 14, with one of the newly hired waitresses at the truck stop, and discovered a whole new world. In this world, they didn’t give a damn if he was some trucker’s bastard, and no one looked down on him. In fact, all the pretty girls (and not a few of the pretty boys) found his rough edges exciting, and his enthusiastic lovemaking quite appealing.
Were Gil a greedier or more desperate young man, he might have found himself hustling, but the fact was, he enjoyed sex far too much to settle for the kinds of people who need a rent boy. He was also not one to remain with a single person for long.
Gil was in his 20s and living in New Orleans, living the life of a playboy, when he Awakened. In a nightmare experience that might have been scripted by Antonino Rocco, Gil woke from his waking dream in the alley outside of a filthy sex club. A few days later, he encountered his first mentor, a Free Council mage who specialized in unconventional Tantric magics who claimed she’d been there when he Awakened.
Eventually, however, Gil – whose mentor named him “Goat,” for his wandering sexual proclivities – found himself embroiled in inter-cabal strife, and he was the cause of it. He quickly learned that the Awakened don’t necessarily share his ideals about free sex, and jealousy raged out of control. Unwilling to deal with it all, Goat simply fled and found himself in Rochester, New York. There, he met a Clavicularius mage named Marbrys and tried seducing him, only to discover that the mage – while quite attracted to Gil – refused to have anything to do with the Goat.
“Though you’re attractive enough, Goat, I’m not interested in being an outlet for your personal demons. You come into my bed when you aren’t being driven there by a desire to belong, to fit in, a desire to have something, and you’ll be welcome there. And not a moment before.”
This shocked Goat, and he reacted angrily, leaving in a huff. With some time, however, he was forced to admit that Marbrys was right. He returned a week later, asking the Clavicularius to explain what he’d meant – an explanation that began Goat’s education as a Solomonist. They never did have sex.
In the time since, Goat has found a new purpose. He interacts with his demon quite extensively, driven to understand the hold that his urges have on him. He has become nearly entirely celibate as a result, though he does long for a close connection with someone else, a connection that will transcend his simple need for the rut. Simply put, he’s a boy who wants to fall in love.
More practically, however, Goat has taken to haunting places where spirits of lust congregate, seeing the effects they have on others. Sometimes, he makes a point of befriending people he meets who are driven by these spirits and their own lust. This he considers his greatest temptation and his greatest redemption, refusing to sleep with them, forcing them to interact with him in some way other than the way two people driven for sex normally do. As friends.

Storytelling Hints: Goat is forced to rein in his urges quite a lot. Though a part of him misses those carefree days when he would jump into someone’s bed for a frolic anytime he felt lonely or stressed, he knows now that his desire to do so had nothing to do with the person he was bedding, and everything to do with his own insecurities and weakness of character.
The Goetic demon of his Vice, however, is more than happy to try and get him to seek out that companionship, manipulating him into believing that he has stronger feelings for someone than he does. The demon enjoys the realization that comes to Goat just after climax of his true feelings for someone, when the lust has drained away, and all that is left is an afterglow next to a stranger.

Gilber Deroux "Goat"

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