Elizabeth Grant "Id"


Quote: “I’m not as interested in what you believe as why you believe what you do. Can you tell me about a time where you radically changed your ideas about some issue?”

Description: A vivacious woman in her mid-20s, Elizabeth’s appearance straddles the line between alternative and professional. She combines typical markers of status such as fairly formal professional clothing with eccentric jewelry and highly alternative hairstyles.
Her nimbus manifests as everyone around her hearing an unintelligible babble of the thoughts of those around them.

Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder
Gnosis: 4
Arcana: Fate 2, Matter 2, Mind 5, Prime 4


Background: Well before she Awakened, Elizabeth Grant was interested in the mechanisms of thought and belief. As a professor in a prestigious university, she works on the cutting edge of research on these issues and has performed sophisticated brain scans on meditating Buddhist monks, Pentecostal Christians speaking in tongues and people using powerful hallucinogens. The goal of her research was to understand the meanings and realities found in various subjective perceptions and states of mind.
After her Awakening, this research took on even more meaning — the mechanics of magic and Disbelief clearly showed that minds and thoughts have a power unknown to conventional science. Today, she uses her research to attempt to understand the mechanics of Disbelief and hopes to eventually create drugs that will allow people to become Sleepwalkers.

Storytelling Hints: She excels at professional interactions with colleagues and the subjects she is studying, but in less formal circumstances, she sometimes becomes nervous and ill at ease. She understands people exceedingly well, but sometimes has trouble translating that into actions in informal circumstances. Her speech is unusually direct, and she is exceedingly honest. Rather than lying, she prefers telling people that she either cannot or will not answer their questions.

Elizabeth Grant "Id"

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