Daniel Green "Archer"


Quote: “An arrow can guide as well as kill.”

Description: Archer looks every bit the part of an obsessive outdoorsman. His pale skin is tanned and scarred from years in the wilderness, and his dark hair hangs in tangled clumps around his shoulders. Appearing to be in his late twenties, Archer has the perpetual dark stubble that comes of failing to shave for days at a time.
Covering his chest, a thick green jacket barely conceals an old Vietnam-era flak-jacket over a black tank-top wifebeater. His cargo pants are the same military-surplus green as the vest, and bulge with assorted odds-and-ends. A large bowie knife hangs from his side along with a heavy leather pouch.
When hunting, a large black quiver hangs on his back, holding a cluster of black carbon-shaft arrows tipped with four-edged broadhead points. He carries a modern compound hunting bow with an exceptionally strong draw and red-dot sight.

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Fate 2, Life 4, Spirit 3


Background: From when he was very young, Archer loved the stories his father would tell him about hunting trips he had been on. By the time he was six, he had shot his first deer with a rifle given to him as a birthday present. Despite living on the outskirts of such a major city, his family was constantly going on hunting trips to the most remote regions of the country. By the time he reached middle school, his love of history lead him to take up a fascination with historical hunting, and he began to practice archery to an obsessive degree.
Though he was an excellent archer in his own right, the hunt and the bow were inseparably intertwined for him. He badly lost every archery competition he entered, never finding the pure focus that he experienced during the hunts. When his parents died in a hunting accident while he was in his final year of college, he was devastated. Though he finished with a degree in outdoor education, he became single-mindedly focused on understanding how both of his parents, skilled outdoorsmen, could have been killed by a stag, as their wounds indicated.
His hunt lead him after a strange grey stag with three antlers in the Canadian wilds. Though he didn’t know it at the time, it was a powerful spirit, and soon the roles were reversed; he became the hunted, alone in unknown wilderness. Finally, he managed to slay the spirit on top of a strange outcropping of rock. There, he marked a flat slab of stone with his hand, bloody from the slain spirit as well as his own injuries, and awoke to the path of the Thyrsus.

Storytelling-Hints: Though Smoke is the normal de-facto leader of the group internally, Archer takes the lead when it comes time to actually hunt. Despite lacking formal military training, his experience makes him more than capable of leading the Huntsmen as a dangerous and efficient team. Given their slightly overlapping skill sets, he has a friendly competitive relationship with Scout.

Daniel Green "Archer"

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