Carlos Benfeldt "Critique"


Quote: “Look at this, see how it fits well in your hand and the way the buttons are set.”

Description: A careful mixture of elegance and flamboyance are the hallmarks of his personal style. Carlos is a muscular, boldly tattooed Hispanic man in his mid-30s. His nimbus manifests as a sense of excitement, anticipation and wonder in those around him.

Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Gnosis: 2
Arcana: Forces 2, Matter 3, Mind 3


Background: With a degree in engineering, a passion for the latest technology and a skill at writing, Carlos Benfeldt ended up writing articles for various prestigious magazines in which he reviewed the latest cutting-edge consumer electronics and discussed their impact on society. He attends all of the consumer electronics conventions, and many major manufacturers send him their latest devices to test and review. He’s equally interested in new technology for its own sake and for the impact it has on society and the way people communicate and interact.
Even before his Awakening, he gave better recommendations to devices that he thought would help social interactions and ultimately society change in ways he found desirable. Now, he checks these intuitions with potent Fate and Time magics and hopes that various technologies can be used to gradually reshape peoples’ thoughts and behaviors into ways he hopes are more conducive to encouraging Awakening and reducing Disbelief.

Storytelling Hints: Looking at and writing about the latest technology isn’t just his profession, they are central to his life. He’s sometimes described as an electronics evangelist, but he’s never pushy and his enthusiasm for devices and technology he likes is contagious. Despite spending so much time working with electronics, he loves interacting with people, and excels at watching people interact and talking to people in a manner to helps him understand their points of view, while also subtly convincing them of his.
By carefully watching people, he can see the problems they are having and what sort of help (either physical or emotional) would enable them to solve these problems more effectively. Furthermore, in both writing and in person, Carlos excels at convincing others to modify their opinions and habits.

Carlos Benfeldt "Critique"

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