Alex Tambor "Panopticon"


Quote: “I see you. You see me. Everybody wins.”

Description: Pan is a tremendously ordinary person stuffed into extraordinary fashions. He’s not very tall (5’8"), of an average weight, with a mop of dirty-blond hair overlooking a pair of blue eyes. His clothing style changes from day to day. One day it’s a tuxedo, another day a track suit.
His nimbus comes off him with quick pulses of light, like flashbulbs going off. His pupils go red for a split second. Those around him tend to feel as if they have eyes watching them from a number of obscured angles.

Dedicated Magical Tool: Camera phone
Real Name: Alex Tambor
Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: Transhuman Engineers
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Computer 3, Investigation 1, Science 1
Physical Skills: Drive 2, Larceny 2, Stealth 1
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Expression 3, Persuasion 3, Socialize 2, Subterfuge 2
Merits: Eidetic Memory 2, High Speech 1, Imbued Item 3, Library (Surveillance Footage) 1, Resources 2
Willpower: 4
Wisdom: 7
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Initiative: 4
Defense: 2
Speed: 9
Health: 7
Gnosis: 3
Arcana: Forces 3, Prime 3, Space 2
Rotes: Forces – Nightsight (●), Invisible Object (●●), Light Mastery (●●●); Prime – Supernal Vision (●); Space – Omnivision (●), Scrying (●●)
Legacy Attainments: 1st — Connection
Mana/per Turn: 12/3
Armor: n/a
Magic Shield: 2 (Prime ●●)

1st Attainment – Connection
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Forces 2, Science 1
This attainment grants the Prime Mover both the Forces 1 effect “Tune In” (see Mage: The Awakening, p. 164) and the Forces 2 effect “Transmission” (see Mage: The Awakening, p. 167). Without cost, the mage can home in on any one wireless transmission with a successful Wits + Science roll. This includes transmissions of satellite television, cell phones, radio, walkie-talkie traffic, police bands and Internet wireless transmissions. The character hears the information transmitted. She cannot establish a visual connection with this information unless the player rolls an exceptional success on the Wits + Science roll.
Once the mage can hear a transmission, she can interrupt it with her own voice. She literally hijacks the feed, speaking over whatever television transmission or cell phone conversation is going on. Anyone listening or watching that particular feed at that particular moment will hear the mage speaking. The mage’s hijacked transmission is limited to a number of minutes equal to her Gnosis score.
A Prime Mover can limit her transmission to one receiver. In this way, her voice comes through to only one television set, cell phone, walkie-talkie or radio of her choosing. If she cannot see the target, however, the mage must have a sympathetic link to him. This can be the standard hair, blood sample or nail clippings, but the Engineers prefer to achieve this link through Social Security numbers, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) badges from a person’s employer or the exact GPS coordinates of the target’s current location.

Camera Non-Obscura
Imbued Item ●●●
Durability 2, Size 1, Structure 3
Description:Panopticon’s Imbued camera appears as nothing more than a thin, high-megapixel digital camera. When the camera takes a picture, however, the digital photo itself captures the scene with two magical effects captured into the image: “Correspondence” (Space 1) and “Spatial Awareness” (Space 1; see Mage: The Awakening, pp. 232- 233). He can take the camera, load the pictures onto a PC and view the image captured. He can then examine the image using the two effects listed above. With the first effect, he can analyze the connections between things (sympathetic connections, specifically). With the second effect, Pan can check for disturbances in Space, including most magical effects that indicate Spatial manipulation of a given area.
This effect is contingent upon the camera’s trigger, which is the button pressed when capturing an image. It requires no Mana.


Background: Alex wasn’t a popular boy in high school. His face was marked with acne; he wore ill-fitting clothes, and listened to symphonies instead of rock bands. He was obsessed with the Internet, video games and television, finding them all to have a narcotic allure from which he could not withdraw. When dealing with others, Alex was ill at ease, often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Often to the wrong people.
One of these wrong people was another student, a maladjusted fifth-year senior named Jason O’Brien. O’Brien was unmerciful in his bullying of Alex, going well beyond Charlie horses and swirlies in the boys’ room. The boy was cruel, never hesitating to throw a punch toward Alex or trip him in the stairwell at school.
One day, it went too far. O’Brien took Alex into the locker room just after school, and started choking him. It was then that Alex Awakened — the world dimmed and he heard a dissonant hum like the wings of a thousand bees. He glided into the Watchtower of the Golden Key on wings of light, wielding a sword made of many eyes. He burned his name into the Supernal World, and then he awoke to fiercely coruscating light. O’Brien was there, kneeling in the corner, holding his eyes as if he’d been blinded.
Alex didn’t stick around to find out what happened. He knew he was either dead or in trouble, and so he packed his stuff and fled. In the subsequent years, Alex became Panopticon (or simply Pan), and turned his technological interests toward the study of magic, merging the two. He was a perfect fit for the Transhuman Engineers, seeking to go beyond the Free Council’s ideas of merging magic and technology, helping to push humankind toward a point of singular enlightenment.
Alex’s crusade stems from his near-death experience and his resultant Awakening. He often says, “If only someone could’ve seen what was going on in that locker room.” He is obsessed with the idea of destroying privacy laws. Not just for criminals or miscreants, but for everybody. The eyes of the world shouldn’t be limited to a select few, but all should find themselves in the camera’s eye for any to see. It is a two-way street for Alex. Not only does he feel that he should be allowed to see what everyone else is doing, but they should be able to see him, as well. He has cameras everywhere, in his home and outside of it. He is the ultimate voyeur, making it his crusade to put surveillance equipment on every street corner and in every room. When all can freely see one another, humankind will truly transcend.
Even the death of his master, a like-minded mage from Silicon Valley who was assassinated using sympathetic magic failed to dampen Pan’s zeal to break down the walls of the “prison of privacy.”

Storytelling Hints: Nervous and fidgety, like an introvert trying desperately to be an extrovert. This conversion from one to the other probably works about half the time. Sometimes Pan is the life of the party, snapping pictures and feeling the vibe. Other times, he comes off as creepy and awkward because of his intensely unblinking stare and forced smile. He watches everything and everyone. When he can, he records it, as well.
In a strange way, Alex believes he is the star of his own show. The world is his supporting cast, guests in his life and living room.
Pan has come into significant conflict with the Harmony club who see him as an interesting, and dangerous study of psychosis. Likewise, he is distrusted by the rest of Awakened society, which is fiercely protective of its own privacy; leaving him with only the members of his own cabal that he can rely on for support. Whether they will protect him if he starts prying into the secret lives of other mages remains to be seen.

Alex Tambor "Panopticon"

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