The Shadow Network

On Souls and Legacies

Arthur Treharne has lost his soul… stone. It was taken from its resting place in the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse demense by an enterprising thief who he has tracked to the Detroit Consilium. Unfortunately, as an unrecognized member of any Consilium and unwilling to take the issue to his family due to the embarrassment, he has stewed on the problem for some time.

Background: Baron Steele learned of the Silver Ladder enclave in Port Huron and visited it on behalf of his cabal to secure weapons and armor at one point. He then talked about the demesne there to a sleepwalker spy for the company at a bar several weeks later. The Company then pulled a mission-impossible between Avalon and Vision without the knowledge of their cabalmates.

Currently: Following a disastrous reaching to form a Demense from the soulstone, they discovered that it only be formed by a member of the same Path belonging to the creator of the stone. The Company is currently looking around for a Master Obrimos who is willing to lend their services to craft a Demense for them.
Smoke has already turned them down, and they are looking further afield.
For his part, Arthur believes that the stone was stolen by Baron Steele due to him being their only lead. Vision used Spell Cloaking and Disguise Resonance to hide the portal out, while Avalon triggered a powerful ritually-cast Shield of Chronos over himself (Potency 20).


  • Baron Steele remembers talking to a “shifty-bitch” a few weeks ago who seemed to know about “our mumbo-jumbo.”
  • Tracking him back to M & M’s Sports bar reveals a woman by that description to be a regular named Wendy
  • With “Wendy” and a description, there are several approaches. Search of police records reveals Wendy Smith to be convicted for multiple counts of illegal drug possession. Similarly, talking to the patrons reveals someone who has Wendy’s number, but don’t know her last name.
  • Wendy Smith is a Sleepwalker who awakened to the realities of magic after a bad trip and now works informally for The Company. They pay her to socialize and keep her ears perked for information about the supernatural, which she is all too happy to spend on booze and drugs.
  • The company has already contact Smoke and asked him if he would be willing to craft a demense for them if they provided the soul stone. Suspecting them of theft and not wanting to get embroiled in their duplicity, he declined.
  • If the party misses every other clue, the Company could approach Dean personally, as he is a known skilled Obrimos in the area.


  • The Company will hand over the Soul Stone in exchange for the party’s Hallow, or a Hallow of commensurate strength.
  • They can be blackmailed to not tell Pendragon Holdings, but will bargain hard to at least get an imbued item out of the deal.
  • If the party declares the Right of Nemesis, they will accept and challenge the party to a duel over the affair.
  • Of course, the party could also trade a soul-stone of its own for theirs.


  • Arthur thanks the party for regaining his soul-stone for him and agrees to teach him the first attainment of the Pure Sovereigns Legacy. After all, “he could have stolen the knowledge himself when he had the soul stone.” If accused by the Silver Ladder, this is the story that he will stick to and, if Dean desires his continued tutelage, will also stick to.


  • The sanctum of The Company has a Ward (Potency 25) and Bans any Mage that does not belong to the cabal from entering likewise, Time spells to view back or forwards into the Sanctum do not work without overcoming the ward.
David Sereno

Lord of the Ventrue in Detroit

Domination 5
Majesty 4
Resilience 6

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